About the company

UAB “Kauno cementas” is a wholesale and supply company located in Kaunas, near the Vilnius-Klaipėda highway. We began our business in 2000, and for more than two decades, we have served as a reliable partner for well-known manufacturers and traders in Lithuania and abroad. Main activities: wholesale and retail trade in bulk building materials. The primary objective of our business is to consistently prioritize the well-being of our customers, employees, quality, and environmental sustainability.

Why choose us?

Technological complex with storage capacity of 4000 tons of cement. In 6 silos, we can store 6 different types of cement
We can pack multiple types of cement or other bulk materials simultaneously
Next to the Vilnius-Klaipėda highway in Kaunas. Next to the Palemonas railway freight station and the Kaunas intermodal terminal
We sell only high-quality products and organize certification of our imported and manufactured goods
We have our own special transport fleet, offering bulk and standard cargo transportation services
The company has installed modern air pollution-reducing equipment. We use it responsibly and look for environmentally friendly solutions

Goods and services

Bulk cement (Portland cement)

Elevator technological complex can unload cement from hopper wagons using railway or from cement semi trailers. We are cement wholesaler, loading can be done to customers bulk cement semi trailer or we can deliver straight to customer’s address with our bulk cement semi trailers.

Packed cement (Portland cement)

We distribute packed cement both as wholesaler and as retailer. All packed cement is dechromized. Packed cement pallets are fully covered with thermal film, therefore cement can be kept outside. You can find and purchase cement in retail chains or directly from our company‘s warehouse. Delivery with Kauno cementas transport in tent semi trailers.

Bulk and packed white cement (Portland cement)

White cement is specifically formulated to create an exclusive aesthetic appearance for products. Bulk white cement is delivered by tanker trucks. Packaged white cement can be found and purchased in retail chains or directly from our company’s warehouse.

Burnt bulk lime (Unslacked)

Unslaked lime is used in production of silicate bricks or blocks, for soil stabilization, for energy sector to solve environment protection problems. Lime can be offered in different parameters and characteristics. We distribute bulk lime  as a wholesaler. Delivery with tanker trucks or cement semi trailers.

Hydrated bulk lime (Slacked)

Slaked lime used for masonry and plaster mortars, concrete, chemical industry, energy sector,  environmental protection, road construction and in production of building mixtures.  

Packed lime

Lime can be found and purchased in retail chains or directly in our company from the warehouse.

Fly ash

They are used in the production of concrete and other construction products.

Commercial concrete

In Druskininkai we produce concrete of various strengths and load it into concrete trucks and dump trucks. Our own laboratory conducts testing on products and samples during the concrete production process.

Concrete products

We sell reinforced concrete well rings, overlays, bottoms, elevation rings and other products.

Aggregate materials

We sell washed sand (gravel), gravel, crushed stone.

Crushed concrete

We sell crushed concrete of different fractions, which can be used for ground reinforcement or road formation.

Concrete delivery and pump services

We deliver concrete with concrete trucks and a 24-meter concrete pump.

Transportation of bulk materials

By cement trucks/tank trucks, approximately 27 tons per load.

Transportation of standard cargo

Tent semi-trailers up to 24 tons.

Delivery by wagons (Hopper wagons)

Storage services for bulk materials

Large quantities of cement can be stored in six storage towers. It is possible to store different types of cement (or other bulk building materials) simultaneously. Next to the storage rooms and the elevator, a railway branch has been installed.

Packaging of cement and other bulk materials

The available packaging equipment allows for the simultaneous packaging of several types of cement or other bulk materials. Packed cement pallets are covered with a thermal film to protect against precipitation.

Warehouse rental

The company has its own warehouses, which can be rented for long-term and short-term rent. Railway branches are brought alongside the buildings.

Cargo services

The company has asphalted areas and ramps suitable for loading, unloading and loading operations are carried out. Forklifts and telescopic handlers are at Your service.

Weighing of loads

Next to cement elevator, there is a truck scale suitable for heavy weight vehicles up to 60 tons.


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